Cercle d’Etudes sur la Bataille des Ardennes – Circle of Studies on the Battle of the Bulge

is a non profit making, non governmental organisation working on keeping the memory of the tragic events of the winter 1944/1945 alive. With more then 200 members CEBA is one of the biggest organisations in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in this sphere of action. CEBA works in close cooperation with partner organisations like the National Museum of Military History in Diekirch or the “National Liberation Monument” organisation.

Founded in 1972, CEBA has set the following objectives to itself:

  • to act as a focal point for all those being interested in the historical events of the Battle of the Bulge and to establish contacts in-between the different actors and associations.
  • to get in touch with the allied veterans of WWII and to assist them, and their relatives, during their travels on the former battlefields, as well as to organise receptions for groups of allied WWII veterans.
  • to collate all the informations, regarding the Battle of the Bulge and to make them accessible to the general public.
  • to preserve, maintain and restore the WWII military heritage of Luxembourg.
  • to assist teachers in their task to disseminate the knowledge about the Battle of the Bulge and WWII, to help them in an active way and to provide educational offers.
  • to build up a Battle of the Bulge Documentation Center.
  • to support historians and authors in their research and to make available to them all the materials CEBA has at it’s disposition.

In order to guarantee that these goals are reached CEBA covers a wide field of activities:

The Museum on the Battle of the Bulge in Clervaux

The museum, which gives the visitor an in depth look into the history of the Battle of the Bulge, is owned by the Clervaux municipality and is curated and managed by CEBA. Right now the museum is undergoing a far reaching reorganisation as well as a bottom to top restoration.

More about the museum

“The Bulge” Magazine

This magazine is published once to twice a year and contains meticulously  researched articles, written by CEBA-members. The publication covers, in an objective way, both sides of the front lines, as well from a military perspective as through the eye of the civilians.

More about The Bulge

Events and pedagogical projects

The events organised by CEBA are of very great variety and try to reach as broad a public as possible, a special focus is set on reaching adolescents and young adults. Some examples are CEBA‘s yearly study trips, the innumerable commemorative ceremonies, dedicated as well to our Allied Liberators as to the civilian victims, CEBA has organised over the years and public lectures. Each year we organise, together with government agencies and partners like the National Military History Museum from Diekirch, pedagogical activities focused on schools. A good example is the “De Bësch am Krich – De Krich am Bësch” – “The Forest in War- The War in the Forest”, for a whole time the Echternach forests are transformed into a living classroom, schoolkids and students can experience an interactive an interdisciplinary history lesson on the former battlefield of the Battle of the Bulge. Each year more then eight hundred students take part in this innovative project.

Giving support to visiting allied veterans and relatives of veterans

Since it’s early years CEBA has received and supported more then three thousand veterans and their families visiting Luxembourg. Together with the local authorities a great many commemorative ceremonies were organised, nearly overtime followed by a festive reception. The members of CEBA served as travel guides  and gave historical informations about the BoB. Unfortunately the number of veterans venturing on the long journey to their former battlefields is in a steady decline. CEBA has extended it’s services to the children and grand-children of the WWII veterans and we offer them the same services as we do to their forefathers. It is self understood that all these services are provided free of charge and all our members are working as unpaid volunteers.

Raising of Monuments

Since the early years of it’s existence CEBA has been the initiator, planer and co-financier of several dozens of monuments and commemorative plaques. A good example to cite is the GI statue in Clervaux. A monument for the ordinary US-Soldier. Not later then January 2015 a new monument, dedicated to the brave men of the 80th “Blue Ridge” Infantry Division, was dedicated in Nocher.

The Aims of CEBA:

A common point of contact

to provide a common point of contact and association to all those interested in the Battle of the Bulge (BoB)


to contact World War II veterans

Information on the BoB for Luxembourg

to disseminate information on those aspects of the BoB which occured on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (for the Belgian area see CRIBA)

Organize receptions for US World War II veterans

to organize official receptions for US World War II veterans and their next-of-kins returning to visit the former battlefields

Military patrimony

to take care of the military patrimony


to assist and support teachers, in providing them objective information about the Ardennes offensive in order to pass it to growing children and adolescents of the region

Center of research

to build up a center of research concerning the Battle of the Bulge

CEBA Staff

Erny Kohn

Pierre Wies

Tom Scholtes

Ralph Kohn

Georges Sinner

Alex Elcheroth

Laurent Wies

Eric Steffen