The GI Statue in Clervaux


On September 11th, 1983, Clervaux was filled with notabilities, mayors, politicians, music bands, soldiers and of course the towns people of Clervaux. A long awaited dream became true for CEBA and its members. Finally! Hundreds if not thousands of details had to be cleared since that staff reunion in February 1972, when Camille P. Kohn’s idea of erecting a monument for the ordinary US-soldier was agreed by CEBA staff members. The location, the structure, the style, the anticipated financial needs and resources, the choice of the sculptor … these were only some of the concerns. Exactly 39 years after the first US-soldiers crossed the Our river and set foot on German soil, the GI Statue was unveiled by Luxemburg’s hereditary Grand-Duke Henri and his wife the hereditary Grand-Duchess Maria Teresa.

Since then this GI is standing close to the Clerve river … almost in the center of Clervaux where he braves wind, rain and snow. Over the years thousands and tens of thousands of visitors have visited and pictured him, while he was standing there on solid rocks. Stoical and quiet! It was CEBA’s wish that the GI statue shouldn’t bear the face of a warrior. And indeed … it does not. This GI has returned from the battlefield where he had endured bitter fights. After the hostilities of 1944/1945 he becomes an Ambassador of Peace. He’s still there!

CEBA’s GI Statue was handcrafted by Michel Heintz. The sculpture measures 2.40 yards and weighs exactly one ton. It is the first bronze sculpture of such a size in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, which had been realized by a Luxemburgish artist.

The GI Location: